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At Dapt, we believe that technology and design should seamlessly coexist. With everything there is to do in a day, why not make the things that matter most, simple? Dapt is aimed at improving and tackling all the small daily stresses that take up your time to make work better



With over 15 years of experience working in various senior technical roles and managing diverse teams for leading Microsoft Gold Partners, our team specialise in delivering solutions that maximise your return on investment in Microsoft 365. 

At Dapt we focus on delivering best practice solutions for our customers whilst building lasting relationships as trusted advisors for all things Microsoft 365

Stephen Port
Co-founder & Director
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Stephen has worked as an analyst and consultant with Microsoft technologies
for the last 11 years.

 With a background in business analysis, Stephen is enthusiastic and people-focused, ensuring that the best possible solutions are delivered in the right way

Daniel Fowle
Co-founder & Director

Daniel has over 7 years of experience working as a consultant focusing on Microsoft Technologies. 

Daniel has a passion for technology but also understands the needs of organisations, working with our customers to deliver meaningful business outcomes

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All of our solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform are supported by our framework methodology. This ensures organisations are not only implementing best practice designs, but also have the means and knowledge to manage and support them effectively


We have partnered with the multiple award winning intranet provider Valo to provide a cutting edge intranet for your organisation.

We've extended this with dapt.Intranets.


It is a framework that takes your organisation on a journey to deliver an intranet that will be adopted, supported and be a success from day one


Our dapt.Workspaces 
framework is a comprehensive approach to the configuration, deployment and adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Powered by Orchestry, you can successfully deploy Teams to your organisation without the worry of sprawl, governance or confusion around which tool to use when


We want to make sure that you get the most out of Microsoft 365 and really understand your journey to digital maturity.

Our dapt.Success framework allows our M365 success managers to assess your organisations digital transformation journey and support you on the way to digital excellence.


Ultimately, ensuring you get a great ROI for your investment in Microsoft 365


Ensuring you remain compliant and secure with your data is vital to day to day operations.

Our dapt.Governance 
framework ensures you have addressed all the necessary security and compliance considerations in M365.


We then support you to implement a full Microsoft 365 governance solution for your organisation


The Power Platform allows organisations to rapidly develop line of business applications without the need for code.

dapt.Applications is a subscription service that ensures you have the support to hand to help develop these applications, but also ensuring appropriate platform governance has been implemented


Our Partners

Selecting the right product to deliver great solutions in Microsoft 365 is no mean feat. With years of industry knowledge, reviewing and working with various product companies, we've selected the following partners to provide a complete digital workplace


Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, engaging templates, controlled provisioning, and empowering self-service to drive usage and adoption success in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams



The front door to your digital workplace.

Valo is a multiple award winning Microsoft 365 intranet.

Embrace internal communication and interaction with Valo’s modern, visual, and social intranet



DocsNode templates allows you to easily create templates where you need them in either your Office Clients such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or from within SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams. 



Use Ichicraft Widgets to personalise your Microsoft 365 intranet or SharePoint portal.

Ichicraft specialise in creating widgets that enable users to personalise their Microsoft 365 experience with a simple to deploy and easy to configure suite of tools


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