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Dapt Discovery

Dapt Discovery is the first part of your journey with Dapt UK and we want to make sure that your experience of working with us is a positive one. Our initial consultative engagement is free of charge, allowing both parties to build trust and foster a long term relationship for the road ahead. 

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How does it work?

Book your free 60-minute discovery workshop with one of our principal consultants by using the tablet on this page.

Discuss your current usage of Microsoft 365 and your future vision and we will help you to get there! Use the form on the left to book your free workshop at a time that suits you.

We will use this session to learn more about you and your organisation, understand your key business objectives for Microsoft 365 and the way your organisation operates.

We believe you should get to know who you will be working with as the relationships between both parties is important to future success.

Following your discovery workshop, we will hold a follow-up session to walk you through your recommendations report.


It will address the key topics discussed in the workshop and provide best practice approaches on how to move forward with Microsoft 365.

Dapt Discovery is the first step in your digital transformation journey to help you understand how you can get the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription
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    With Dapt Intranet we can rapidly deploy best of breed modern workspaces to your organisation and unleash the full power of Microsoft 365 using the out of the box features.

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    Our framework to ensures the successful implementation and adoption of Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways and prepares your organisation for Microsoft Viva Learning

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    Dapt Workspaces is a consulting as a service (CaaS) offering by Dapt UK. We make it easy for organisations who don’t have the necessary skills in-house or require additional bandwidth to help with their digital transformation journey.

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