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The Microsoft Power Platform empowers organisations to customise and extend their digital transformation by empowering everyone within their organisation to collaboratively build efficient and flexible solutions with

low-code tools.


Unlock the full potential and adapt your organisation to a new way of working with the Power Platform. Digitise legacy processes and increase productivity and accuracy with process automation tools. Connect disparate data into fluid reports that drive actions throughout the organisation.


The Power Platform is built with a low-code mindset. This means that you do not have to be a developer to unlock additional potential from your cloud platform. With built-in security and governance, empower your employees to extend Microsoft 365 in a secure and manageable way that produces value, fast. 


The Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Create end-to-end solutions that combine digital applications, process automation, actionable insights and more in one succinct place. Turn ideas into reality with the support of Dapt and create a culture of true digital maturity that will enhance the way you work and service your customers.

Are you at this stage?

Discovery and analysis is critical to the success of a project or engagement. We want to understand what it is you need and identify the gaps 

If you have moved to Microsoft 365 and are looking to extend your platform with the Power Platform then this could be where you need to now focus your efforts to drive further organisational benefit and digital maturity.

You may have identified several existing processes that you feel are archaic and need improvement with automaton, or you may have identified the need to provide a seamless experience to your disparate or field based staff.

Whether it is reporting, applications or automation, the Power Platform is a key component of Microsoft 365 that should not be overlooked no matter what size your business.

If you're still unsure then why not take our Dapt Frameworks assessment to help uncover which areas you may need help and support with.



Discover the what is possible with Microsoft 365 and utilise our qualified Business Analysts to really understand your requirements

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