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Dapt Frameworks

Our framework model is built on eight key principles. These principles are based on the journey an organisation takes when transforming their ways of working with Microsoft 365. At Dapt, we have developed our offerings based on the various levels of digital maturity an organisation may be at so each engagement with us is tailored specifically to your needs and to ensure you are treated as an individual.


Discover what is possible with Microsoft 365 and utilise our qualified Business Analysts to really understand your requirements.



Understand and set your Microsoft 365 security and compliance baselines in line with industry standards and regulations.



Move your content into the cloud and take advantage of the powerful document management features of Microsoft 365.



​Support your users in becoming digital superstars and ensure the your organisation creates a centre of excellence.



Get your organisation talking effectively and increase the reach of your brand, culture and organisational identity.



Ensure teams are working effectively and securely. Inspire creativity and share ideas through effective collaboration.



Digitally transform your operations through low and no-code applications, automations and reporting on the Power Platform.



Extend your team and provide them with industry leading support and digital advisors so you can continue to mature digitally.


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