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DocsNode for Microsoft 365


DocsNode is an add-on service that allows the entire company to easily use the same documents and templates. This ensures that your company presentations and other visual communications are consistent and in line with brand guidelines. 

DocsNode works with your Office Clients, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or from within Microsoft 365 with SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.

DocsNode offers 3 different tools Document Center, Pinit 365 and Templates.


Document Center

All your key documents in one place and accessible through SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. This ensures that your company presentations and other visual communications are consistent and in line with brand guidelines.

Everyone is different, and everyone wants to organise documents in their own way. That’s why we have given you the power to create boards where you can put the documents that are important for you.

Create as many or as few boards as you want.


DocsNode Templates are the template selector for your organisation with the ability to add documents, snippets, images and slides to Office Apps, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

DocsNode Templates allows you to build documents quickly and consistently across your organisation.

DocsNode Templates is also available in any SharePoint Document Library, or on any modern SharePoint Page.

Pinit 365

Your knowledge and resources. Organised.

Pinit will help you Discover, Share and Retain knowledge across your organisation in a visually striking way.


Everyone can create Boards and place cards on them. The cards represent resources from anything with an URL. Being it a document, webpage, blog article, Stream Video, or anything else that may be relevant.


Document Center

Text snippets

Create centrally controlled, pre-written text snippets that can be sentences, paragraphs, so that when you create documents you can easily insert content and quickly build out complex documents with standardised content such as legal clauses or terms & conditions


Microsoft Office

DocsNode allows your users to add templates in all of your favourite Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

DocsNode supports the web and desktop versions of each application meaning you can select your templates from any location

Pinit 365


Boards are used to collate data spread across multiple locations inside and outside of Microsoft 365.

Create your own boards to visualise your organisation's resources. Users can also search and filter boards and easily share internally or via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter


Insert preapproved images from your organisation directly into your documents from a centrally managed image repository.

With DocsNode your users will always be able to find high quality, brand-compliant and properly licensed images

SharePoint & Teams

In addition to supporting Office Apps DocsNode is also available in Microsoft 365 via SharePoint & Teams.

Add template within any SharePoint library or modern page including any presented in tabs within Microsoft Teams


Any URL can be added as a card to any board. The URL can either be from within SharePoint, OneDrive or from any accessible website.

Pinit will automatically retrieve the title, description and thumbnail from the URL that was entered.

Cards are easy to edit if desired and also allow users to add optional metadata for further filtering and sorting capabilities

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