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Orchestry for Microsoft 365


Work made simple in Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams. Orchestry takes the guesswork out of which Microsoft 365 tool is best to use. Delivering the answers you need, when you need them to make your entire business better organised and more productive.  

Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, engaging templates, controlled provisioning, and empowering self-service to drive usage and adoption success in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.



Workspace Templates

Pre-built Microsoft 365 Workspaces to save you time, money and headaches, putting years of Microsoft 365 best practices in place in just a few clicks


Microsoft 365 Governance

Manage the creation of Microsoft Teams, Outlook Groups and SharePoint Online Sites through a single interface, governing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online Sites through end-to-end provisioning lifecycle management


Workspace Directory

Microsoft 365 Governance with Orchestry provides the control you need to avoid the unwieldy sprawl, but enough enablement to eliminate any bottlenecks and allows your end-users to self-service gaining access to the right tools for the right purpose


Microsoft 365 Provisioning

Provisioning in Microsoft 365 using Orchestry is a real-life fairy tale for Microsoft 365 Administrators through the exquisite, user-friendly interface with an extremely flexible experience to create with control, without the endless bottlenecks

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Orchestry Trial

Contact us to book in our Orchestry discovery package which includes a free 21-day trial. 

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