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The compliance tools within Microsoft 365 are designed to help your organisation meet its legal or regulatory requirements such as GDPR. 

The Microsoft Compliance Manager will help you to define your security posture and measure areas that need improvement. 

Microsoft 365 has a range of tools to meet your compliance requirements including Auditing, eDiscovery, Data Loss Prevention, Content search and Data subject access requests.

At Dapt we help customers to meet their compliance requirements whether it's GDRP, NIST, ISO or NCSC guidelines.

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Audit Log

The Microsoft 365 Audit Log allows you to conduct detailed investigations of your environment to view user and administrator activity in your organisation.

You can search activity across all of your key applications such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Teams.

In addition to searching the Audit Log, you can also set up alerts to automatically notify you about key events 


eDiscovery allows you to create customised searches across your Microsoft 365 environment to identify and export electronic information that can be used as evidence in legal cases. eDiscovery allows you to search across multiple key applications such as Exchange Online mailboxes, Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Yammer


Microsoft 365 has a range of features that helps your organisation to comply with its GDPR requirements including Data Loss Prevention (DLP), label based retention with automatic disposition and support for Data Subject Requests (DSRs). The data subject request tool within Microsoft 365 allows you to search for content related to a data subject and export it in electronic format

Data Loss Prevention

To comply with business standards and regulatory requirements Microsoft 365 allows you to protect sensitive information including financial data, personally identifiable information such as credit card numbers, national insurance numbers and passport numbers.

With DLP you can identify, monitor and protect this information automatically across your environment  

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Our Microsoft Compliance Frameworks

At dapt. UK we don't just deliver Microsoft solutions, we deliver lasting frameworks

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    Security Audit

    Dapt will work with your organisation to understand your security & regulatory requirements and assess your current Microsoft 365 security configuration against best practice and industry standards

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    Zero Trust Security Model

    Deploying a Zero Trust architecture ensures your data is protected by ensuring that all users, devices and applications are validated and proven trustworthy before granting them access to your resources

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    Security Configuration

    Dapt will configure your Microsoft 365 tenant based on the findings of our security audit and in line with your specific requirements and best practice advice

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    Training & Support

    At Dapt, we won't just configure your environment and walk away. We will train your internal team to ensure that they can manage the environment going forward. We will also work with you to keep you up to date with new features

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Microsoft Compliance Discovery

Contact us now to book your free Microsoft Compliance discovery so we can help you meet your regulatory requirements

Are you interested in any of our Compliance frameworks?

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