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Microsoft SharePoint


Microsoft SharePoint is a communication, collaboration and document management application that is at the heart of Microsoft 365. Modern SharePoint now comes in 2 core flavours:

  • Communication sites for company intranets and portals with content typically presented on pages rather than in documents. Perfect for news or showcasing information.

  • Team sites for team collaboration. A place for team members or projects to store documents and collaborate in real-time. Pair with Microsoft Teams for the ultimate collaboration experience.

At Dapt we can help you architect and implement a secure and user-friendly SharePoint environment based on our industry knowledge and years of experience.

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SharePoint empowers teamwork and enhances collaboration inside and outside your organisation. Share files, data, news, and resources with ease with access from any location and on any device


Build engaging websites with communication sites to share news, find key information and search for people across your organisation. SharePoint allows you to build beautiful sites in the form of intranets and portals that are easy to use

Document management

Share documents, co-author in real-time and take control of your data with SharePoint. Manage documents throughout their lifecycle with retention and records management. Enhance with versioning, out of the box approvals or Power Automate


Security is a key consideration for all organisations and with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint you have full control. With tools such as multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention, sensitivity labels and many other features you can be sure that your data is protected

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Our Microsoft SharePoint Frameworks

At Dapt we don't just deliver Microsoft solutions, we deliver lasting frameworks

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    Getting started with SharePoint

    Understand the difference between communication, team, hub and home sites. Learn how to design and configure modern SharePoint to produce incredible results every time

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    Planning Governance & Security

    Make sure your data is secure and compliant using the latest security & compliance features from Microsoft. We work with organisations to strike the perfect balance between usability and security

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    Implementing a modern architecture

    We help you to build modern information architectures that are flexible enough to adapt to any future changes in your structure

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    Driving SharePoint Adoption 

    We make sure that SharePoint is a success on day one but also into the future with our in-depth adoption approach

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SharePoint Discovery

Contact us now to book your free Microsoft SharePoint discovery so we can help you on your digital collaboration journey

Are you interested in any of our SharePoint frameworks?

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