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Microsoft Yammer


Yammer communities enable employees in your organisation to have company-wide conversations around shared interests, ideas and topics. Yammer communities support employee engagement, company-wide communications and knowledge sharing.

Yammer is intended to be an open platform that allows your users to engage with people with shared interests regardless of their department, location or position in the corporate hierarchy.​



Drive Innovation

Yammer provides an open platform for people to share ideas and drive innovation. Yammer gives a voice to everyone in the organisation and allows people outside of your normal network to contribute to the conversation.

Yammer communities are a great place to ask open questions and get feedback on your ideas

Leadership Connection

Leaders within your organisation can use Yammer communities to engage with employees across all locations. The leadership team can use Yammer to provide business updates, praise employees good work and post stories from the road using rich multimedia such as photos or videos taken directly from their mobile phone using the Yammer app

Connect Outside your Organisation

Yammer allows organisations to connect with external users through external groups for small scale sharing or external networks for larger long term partnerships or collaborations with the likes of customers or suppliers.

Yammer can take the conversation out of individual mail boxes and allow all users to keep up to date with the latest developments

Corporate Communication

Yammer allows organisations to move away from email for corporate communications and cuts down on the noise in your inbox.

Yammer communities offer a rich multimedia experience with images, videos, polls and much more.  

Yammer doesn't just push information it encourages 2-way conversations

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