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Portas Consulting Dapt Intranet and Migration Support

Dapt helped Portas Consulting migrate the people and content into Microsoft 365 and architect, build and deploy Dapt Intranet and the Power Platform into the organisation.

The Problem

Portas are the premier global management consultancy dedicated to sport and physical activity. Dapt was approached to support with the modernisation of their existing information architecture, migration of content from Box into Microsoft 365, end user training and the design and development of an internal proposal and project management solution built on the Power Platform.

Portas Consulting also required a solution that allowed them to automate the entire project management and proposals solution within SharePoint to ensure accurate and secure collaboration could take place. Users were restricted from creating new Teams and sites to avoid sprawl but needed a method to create project sites in a structured way. There was also a need to build a complex folder structure with specific permissions for NDA reasons and a manual approach was seen as being too risky and time consuming.

The Solution

We delivered Dapt Intranet as part of this project which provided Portas with a comprehensive knowledge management solution, communication platform and employee experience that allowed them to work digitally across multiple sites.

We extended Dapt Intranet with a bespoke knowledge management submission process, allowing staff to capture key content from projects or personal areas and send them for approval before being stored centrally with a customised search experience.

Dapt followed our Power Platform deployment methodology and delivered a solution that allowed users to create structured Microsoft Teams workspaces with the right membership and channels based on a form. We also enabled the ability to create a folder structure to hold proposals and ensure that logic was built-in so that only those who required access to sub-sections of that folder structure had access. This removed the timely manual set up of projects that was in existence, and improved security, accuracy and options for reporting.

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