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Migrations don't have to be logistical nightmares. With Dapt, we can help you move to Microsoft 365 in a secure and reliable way. With full pre-migration analysis, content inoculation, data cleansing and user readiness we are confident in making you confident about your migration to Microsoft 365.

Migration Analysis

Before any migration starts, you will need to understand what information you are looking to bring across. Key decisions need to be made as to whether data cleanse or remediation activities should be conducted. For example, we can even inoculate hyperlinks in linked spreadsheets so that when they are moved they don't break!

Migration Activities

We have expertise with several migrations tools to help with the movement of content from their existing sources. We can help you move content from file shares or other third party cloud platforms or legacy applications that need updating with the Power Platform. We are able to recommend the best tools for the job to ensure a smooth migration that minimises impact and is a success.

Change Management

Migrations are more than moving the content. They are also about moving the people. Moving to Microsoft 365 is a change activity and needs careful planning to ensure the right support is in place and users know what to expect and when. We can provide full change management support and end user readiness training to ensure your migration is a success.


Are you at this stage?

Move your content into the cloud and take advantage of the powerful document management features of Microsoft 365

You have content within legacy file shares or other third party applications that needs to be moved into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Have already moved content through a 'lift and shift' approach and require support cleansing the data and restructuring the architecture within Microsoft 365.

Need change management support to ensure your end users transition to Microsoft 365 as smoothly as possible.

Still not sure if you're at this stage? Then why not take our quick assessment to find out where we can help!

Business Presentation


Discover the what is possible with Microsoft 365 and utilise our qualified Business Analysts to really understand your requirements

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