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Dapt UK

We're really excited to be able to announce the launch of Dapt in the United Kingdom under the name Dapt UK!

Here is a quick interview with the two UK Directors Stephen Port and Daniel Fowle where they talk about their family, hobbies and how they came to be Microsoft 365 consultants.


JF: For anyone new to Dapt UK can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

SP: I’ve always had a love for computers, even from a young age I remember getting in trouble with my dad for regularly crashing the family computer because I was digging around in the system files trying to make space for the latest version of Commander Keen. He was great about it though and showed me how to reinstall a PC and get everything working again. I guess enjoying being shown how to solve problems with computers got me into IT consultancy. I have now been a Microsoft consultant for around 7 years working in a variety of roles from Principal SharePoint Consultant to Head of Pre-sales, working with and supervising some great people.

DF: I fell in love with technology back in my early years playing computer games on my friends Atari 2600 console (the one with wood panelling!) before moving on to the NES and our first family computer with the joys of dial-up AOL internet. I studied an IT-related degree at university which also focused on business studies and it set me up well for the rest of my career, especially the last 7 years as a consultant.

I enjoy working with customers to understand their specific business requirements to make sure I can deliver cost-effective solutions that will work for them, rather than implementing new technology for the sake of it.


JF: Tell your readers a bit about Dapt and the services you offer

SP: We are all about ensuring our clients get the best return on their investment in Microsoft 365. We come from a background in IT consultancy but have also worked in internal departments within large organisations and understand the pressure people are under to deliver quick but long-lasting benefits to their organisation.

Daniel Fowle and Stephen Port Working

We think our key selling point is that we focus on understanding the needs of our customers before we start developing solutions. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers and become trusted advisors for all their Microsoft 365 needs.

JF: What's your favourite part of Microsoft 365 and why?

DF: With the current Covid-19 crisis we're all having to face at the moment, I think Microsoft Teams has really empowered organisations to be resilient and continue to operate.

I love how Teams brings together all of the great tools within Microsoft 365 into one place, allowing me to keep in touch with customers and colleagues at home and on the go.


JF: OK, that's enough about work for now. What do you both get up to when you're not working?

DF: I have 2 boys that keep me and my wife busy for most of the time! We love trips to the local park, family bike rides in the local countryside and movie nights at home. I’m a keen mountain biker and try to get out and explore the local trails in the Surrey Hills whenever I can. I also try and play the odd round of golf with friends.

SP: I like to get out on my mountain bike too. Nothing beats tearing down a dirt trail at what seems a hundred miles an hour. I recently bought a 'Shotgun' kids seat so I can take my son along with me, albeit at a bit of a slower pace. My partner has got me back into skiing and I am a keen chef and regularly like to cook different cuisines for my partner and then spend an evening relaxing in front of the fire. I also have a dog and love taking him for walks through the countryside.


JF: Thanks both, well we best let you get on with your day jobs. Is there anything else you'd like to leave us all with?

DF & SP: Thanks Julia, we hope that gives everyone an insight into who we are and we can't wait to start working with new clients to help them get the most out of Microsoft 365!



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