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Improving the way I work

Updated: May 12, 2022

As part of our mini-series, we're exploring 20 key applications within Microsoft 365 and how you can get the most out of them. In episode six I explored 'My Analytics' in more detail and how it can help you work smarter, focus your time and manage your well being.

It's been one year since we started Dapt and I have been on a rollercoaster ride of fulfilment, nervousness, excitement, imposter syndrome, you name it. Starting a business is tough, jumping into many roles such as marketing, sales, project management, general management, accountancy has really stretched my time and me.

As expected, this has meant I have a huge amount more to manage day-to-day. To help with all of this, I decided to invest some of my time actually using My Analytics in its full. So far I have been really impressed with the results. Here's how My Analytics has helped me become a better co-worker and manager, and more importantly, support me with running Dapt UK.

Focus Time

I have been using this sparingly as we also use Calendly to allow our clients who are on our consultancy as a service model to book time with us, however, when busy on a project this has helped avoid me losing time to too many meetings.


This has been useful to make sure I keep connected with my colleagues, partners and clients. As we've grown, finding time to catch up with these three key persona groups has been challenging but I can quickly spot any connections I need to spend more time with.


The trends here have been relatively consistent. I handle most of my meetings and calls in the morning and focus on getting work done after lunch. I have noticed that sometimes I handle some emails during internal meetings which is something I need to try and stop. Maybe making the meetings shorter and more concise would help here?


I've noticed that this month I have picked up a few extra tasks in the evenings. This is OK for now as we're doing some planning for events and I also like to spend some time with my son when he finishes school. Maybe I will adjust my working hours to reflect this. Leadership

I have been actively monitoring who I collaborate with during quiet time hours. I purposely ensure that I don't email or chat to my team outside of working hours. It's also telling me I need to spend some time catching up with the team in Norway. I'm going to make sure I add some 1-2-1 time with the team to address this.



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